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Baking has played a key role in my family for as long as I can recall.
Baking has played key a role in my family for as long as I can recall.
It is not by accident that great food is always in the mix when you take a moment to appreciate great memories.
Baking is simple and yet complex. It is there for all and the possibilities are endless.
As a home baker for now, my dream is to have a space of my own where I can create sweet treats that evoke fantastic feels for all. For me, the maker, but also to those who choose my bakes as their treat. We all deserve treats and good feels.
The journey includes cherished memories, fangirl moments on Instagram, and the aspiration to follow in the footsteps of my baking idols.
Here's to the future, where the aroma of fresh-baked treats and the warmth of good feels are at the heart of my own bakery.
Jo x


Ingredients are so important to us here at

Cookie Dough Jo as a brand. Each ingredient has either a story to tell or a jolly good reason why it was chosen. Product development stage had a huge amount of energy, switching up products and gaining a wide range of opinions. We are not only happy with our choices, but proud of them too.

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is one of the best sources of vitamin E and our chosen alternative to dairy. We source our oil from Morrisons as this is our nearest supermarket helping us keep our carbon footprint low.

Caster sugar

We wanted to be able to make sure that what matters to us here at CDJ was reflected in our ingredient choices. Sugar’s job was to help us show our support for fair trade with choosing Tate & Lyle and sourcing it from Morrisons for our lowest carbon footprint.

Light soft brown sugar

As with our caster sugar, we wanted fair trade to be the key factor so it was an easy decision to stick with Tate & Lyle via Morrisons.


We chose Creative Nature fine grade pink Himalayan Salt. The jury is out on whether this gives you greater health benefits than table salt. Nonetheless, we like the fact that potassium, magnesium and iron are present in greater amounts than in table salt and the 84 trace minerals sounds pretty good. We are nutritionally wise to the amounts we are dealing with here, but do love our choice.

Plant based milk

This choice was made during product development too. The final choice of Alpro no sugars soya milk was a winner for consistency and ensuring our kitchen was a completely nut free zone.

Vanilla Extract

Our choice here celebrates our ability to hit our fairtrade goal whilst going for a high-quality brand and taste - it was a yes to Taylor & Colledge for their Fairtrade Organic Vanilla Bean Extract.

Flour, Xanthan Gum and Baking Powder

These ingredients are all sourced from Doves Farm Foods Ltd free from gluten range. We either source this from our local Morrisons Store or we buy in bulk direct in order to be able to pass on cost benefits to our customers.

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